About Us

Atlantic Adult Day Health Care was established with a goal to create a daytime program for seniors and older adults. We wanted to help families find a way to enrich the lives of our senior loved ones. Often the elderly population in our community spends hours and hours alone at home because other family members have to be in school or work. Living a life like that could certainly use some excitement because to us, growing older does not necessarily translate to a lonelier lifestyle.

At Atlantic Adult Day Health Care, seniors are given a chance to socialize, to have fun and even make new friends. At the end of the day, they go home to their families with new stories to tell and new experiences to talk about. With this scenario, our services have two-fold benefits:

  1. Family Members can feel at ease that their senior loved ones are safe in our care during the day.
  2. Seniors don’t have to spend the whole day alone at home. Instead, they take part of our day-time activities to promote alertness, better health and socialization.

We have a highly qualified staff that is committed to giving family members the peace of mind while their elderly loved one is in our care. Our model of care involves a variety of services that seniors can benefit from. These include social services, dietary (meal preparation), nursing care, rehabilitative therapy and many more.

In a home-like setting, your loved one will still feel at home. Let’s make life better. Join our family at Atlantic Adult Day Health Care!

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